• Hunting for your parcels?

    Parcels are often dropped in the middle of nowhere ..

    Wolken Boxen Kecher
  • Pakebo is the mailbox for your parcels

    It even works when you are not at home ...

    Pakebo neben der Tür
  • To many parcels every day?

    Be more pleasant to your neighbours!

    Paket auf der Wolke 1 Paket auf der Wolke 2 Paket auf der Wolke 3
  • Just enjoy the convenience.

    Give your parcels a new home.

    Wolken Haus

Pakebo - mailbox for parcel delivery

Pakebo - Die Paketbox

How does Pakebo work ?

Package delivery

01 - Paketabgabe
The parcel delivery driver rings the bell of your home. There he sees the not for the Pakebo parcel box.
02 - Paketabgabe
The parcel carrier goes to the indicated place and takes out the permission for parcel drop off.
03 - Paketabgabe
He opens the front and put the parcel into the box.
04 - Paketabgabe
The parcel courier locks the box by pushing the lock. Finally he leaves you a message in your mail about the parcel.

Package withdrawal

05 - Paketentnahme
The addressee comes home and sees the locked box or reads the message for parcel delivery.
06 - Paketentnahme
The addressee unlocks the box with its personal key. The box is now ready for re-use after pick up the parcel. Finally, the parcel is directly delivered to you without time consuming efforts!

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