• deine Paketbox ist der Briefkasten für Pakete

    funktioniert auch bei Abwesenheit von zu Hause.

    Pakebo Box
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Pakebo - mailbox for parcel delivery

Pakebo - Die Paketbox
  • your Parcel Box works with all logistic carriers and even local delivery services

  • Pakebo can receive the the majority of parcel sizes

  • Paketgröße Pakebo

    • up to the height of  24 inch  //  60 cm
    • up to a width of  15 inch  //  40 cm
    • up to a length of  12 inch  //  30 cm
  • Parcels which need a signature can also be delivered into the box by leaving a drop off permission inside the box.

  • Pakebo only needs a wall for mounting.

  • Pakebo will be available soon. – Stay with us in touch via social networks!

How does Pakebo work ?


01 - Paketabgabe

The parcel delivery driver rings the bell of your home. There he sees the not for the Pakebo parcel box.

02 - Paketabgabe

The parcel carrier goes to the indicated place and takes out the permission for parcel drop off.

03 - Paketabgabe

He opens the front and put the parcel into the box.

04 - Paketabgabe

The parcel courier locks the box by pushing the lock. Finally he leaves you a message in your mail about the parcel.


05 - Paketentnahme

The addressee comes home and sees the locked box or reads the message for parcel delivery.

06 - Paketentnahme

The addressee unlocks the box with its personal key. The box is now ready for re-use after pick up the parcel. Finally, the parcel is directly delivered to you without time consuming efforts!

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need a Parcel Box ?

  • Receive parcels even when your are not at home
  • Delivery is secured and guaranteed on the first day of process
  • Your parcels wait for you direct at your doorstep
  • Parcel pick-up service direct from home especial for return delivery

What becomes easier with Pakebo?

You won’t miss with Pakebo:

  • Pickup parcels from neighbours or distant post offices
  • Waiting for second delivery attempt

What kind of parcels may I receive?

The dimensions can be up to 60 x 40 x 30 cm (24 x 15 x 12 inch ) – by our experience is this sufficient for the majority of packages.

Pakebo Fußbälle

Up to six soccer balls

Pakebo Gemüsekiste

Enough space for food delivers and a bit more

Pakebo Winterstiefel

Big Boots or clothes? No problem!

What if a signature is needed for a parcel delivery?

Bigger parcel carriers offer to leave a permission for parcel drop off in advance. Thereby, you allow your post man to deliver to a secured place like into your parcel box. Pakebo has already prepared the paperwork for you.

What kind of services can I use?

Pakebo works with all major logistic carriers. Only a permssion for drop off your parcels is needed.